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Rechercher un nom de domaine - Recherche multidomaine

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Powered by Whois

WHOIS is a tool that is used to look up domain name information in our database. 
Each domain name has the following information associated with it:
1. Registrant information,
2. Administrative, Billing and Technical Contact information,
3. Creation Date,
4. Expiration Date,
5. Name Servers.

To use WHOIS for a domain name, simply type in the domain you are looking for. 
This domain must be a second-level domain, for example "yourdomain.com". 
Domains with a "www" or third-level domains like "name.yourdomain.com" are not contained in WHOIS. 
If the domain you are searching for is not contained in our database, WHOIS will access the Shared Registry System and the WHOIS 
services of other accredited Registrars, if available, to satisfy the domain name search.